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Autumn Fall is a love song to Oslo. A dark comedy/drama with deep undertones and twists. Strong minded Ingvild works at the National Theatre. She finds herself caught between Jeppe, an elder statesman of the stage and Hans, an up-and–coming actor. Ingvild has aspirations to write drama instead of just raising the curtain for others. Hellraiser Jeppe has a lifetime of experience to share with her but he is an expert at creating awkward social situations. Hans is thoughtful and kind, but too soft for the independent Ingvild. Jeppe’s best friend Jørn does his best to navigate the moral wilderness they find themselves in and Ingvild’s flatmate Siri tries to comfort her on her reckless voyage. Ingvild has the emotional ride of her life.

DIRECTOR: Jan Vardoen
PRODUCER: Jan Vardøen
WRITER: Jan Vardøen
CAST: Ingeborg Sundrehagen Raustøl, Heleg Jordan, Hege Schøyen, Bjørn Sundqvist, Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen
RUNTIME: 1:36:00
LANGUAGE: Norwegian (with English subtitles)

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