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Father Joseph Philippe has survived political coups, the assassination of close friends, and the earthquake of 2010, yet he found a way to lift tens of thousands of people out of the direst poverty. He built - and then rebuilt - the largest micro-finance bank in Haiti, a 700-student K-14 school, an orphanage, a clean water project, a reforestation program, a health clinic, a radio station, and the first rural college in Haiti. It is an extraordinary life of faith and action. Willem Dafoe said: “This inspiring film challenges my sense of my place in the world and what my responsibility is to others.” Reza Aslan said: “Funny, warm, and invigorating, FATHER JOSEPH is one of the most inspiring, life-affirming documentaries I have ever seen.”

DIRECTOR: Jeff Kaufman
PRODUCERS: Marcia S. Ross and Jeff Kaufman
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Buddy Steves, Damian Blackburn, Leslie Buckley
WRITER: Jeff Kaufman
CAST: Father Joseph Philippe, Anne Hastings, Father William Smarth, Occine "Cine" Chery, Leigh Carter
RUNTIME: 1:12:00
LANGUAGES: English, Creole, French (with English subtitles)

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