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In a desperate attempt to cross the US/Mexico border, Manolo and his wife Elena are kidnapped, separated, and imprisoned in a house in the suburbs of Arizona. Their captors are highly organized criminals who operate a vast kidnapping ring along the US border, extorting their victims through fear, intimidation, and humiliation. Fearing that he will never see Elena again, Manolo must find a way to reunite with her and escape the “Drop House”.
Based on real events, Kidnap Capital is both a riveting thriller and a window into one of the most potent ongoing human tragedies of modern times.

DIRECTOR: Felipe Rodriguez
PRODUCER: Felipe Rodriguez, Boris Mojsovski, Erin Berry, Julia Blua
WRITER: Felipe Rodriguez
CAST: Paulino Nunes, Johnathan Sousa, Michael Reventar, Pedro Miguel Arce, Michelle Arvizu
RUNTIME: 01:33:00

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Thursday, April 14

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