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Northern Limit Line


Based on a true story. In 2002, during the frenzy of the World Cup in South Korea, patrol battleship Chamsuri 357 prepares for its usual duties. When the southern nation is caught up in soccer fever, the North Korean Navy deploys several battleships of their own towards the Northern Limit Line, precipitating an unexpected and tragic conflict with Chamsuri 357.

DIRECTOR: Hak-Soon Kim
PRODUCER: Hak-soon Kim
WRITER: Hak-soon Kim
CAST: Mu-yeol Kim, Goo Jin, Hyun-woo Lee
RUNTIME: 2:10:00
COUNTRY: South Korea
LANGUAGE: Korean (with English subtitles)

Programmer's Note: Production took seven years. The end credits last 11 minutes and include the names of 7000 crowdfunders.

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