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One woman’s journey from Spain to the United States lends a cathartic exploration in family, home and identity. Dr. Maria Miller’s voice speaks for the 300,000 children who strive to turn poison to medicine through determination. We travel back with Maria through trials faced with a chronic disease that affects children and adults around the globe. Through faith and resilience, dreams springboard out of pain. We all have a story. We all have a dream. We all have a CHOICE. Maria’s story gives voice to all… All who suffer from a chronic disease. All who dare DREAM!!!

DIRECTOR: Famor Botero
PRODUCERS: Famor Botero, MeSun Barnett
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER (SPAIN): Erika Von Berliner Espinosa delos Monteros
WRITER: MeSun Barnett
CAST: Dr. Maria L. Miller, Gaven Arana, Dawn Veselka, Dr. Joan Bathon, Dr. Lisa Imundo.  Special Appearance by: Gerald Di Pego
RUNTIME: 00:54:00
COUNTRY: USA, Spain, Portugal
LANGUAGE: English, Spanish (with English subtitles)


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