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Since: The Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103


Terrorism is one of biggest problems facing humanity today, but the families of the 270 victims of Pan Am Flight 103 have lived with it for decades. Bound together by tragedy when a bomb ripped the New York-bound 747 jumbo jet into pieces over Lockerbie, Scotland, just before Christmas in 1988, the Flight 103 families faced one traumatic injustice after another. From the early days when an unprepared U.S. government left the relatives to fend for themselves against a greedy, once-iconic airline, to the modern era, when the only man convicted of the crime was set free in a backdoor oil deal with Libya, the families refused to go down without a fight, harnessing the power of the media in their war for truth and justice. SINCE: THE BOMBING OF PAN AM FLIGHT 103 is a feature documentary that tells the story of some of these first victims of terrorism, who proved that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary feats in the wake of politically fueled mass murder.

DIRECTOR: Phil Furey
PRODUCER: Phil Furey, Spencer Averick
WRITER: Phil Furey
RUNTIME: 01:24:00
COUNTRY: USA, United Kingdom

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