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Today’s media is filled with stories of America’s struggling education system. There is a consistent narrative about what is being done wrong. This is a story of how one school is doing it right. The Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press is a quarterly elective program that has grown to be one of the most highly sought after classes at the school. Its purpose is much larger than teaching kids journalism -it teaches students communication skills, self confidence, teamwork, and most of all, opens their eyes to a much bigger world, based on informed, respectful and authentic relationships. “Teen Press” is a short documentary film about one semester of the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press Program.

DIRECTOR: T.C. Johnstone
PRODUCER: T.C. Johnstone, Ryan Scheer, Pamela Tanner-Boll, Jon and Linda Halbert, John and Alexis Russell
WRITER: T.C. Johnstone
CAST: Teens: Taytm Levine, Ben Cartagena, Ella Kenly, Nicos Christou, Finnian Whelan, Alexis O’Leary, Sofia Dipadova, Jayden Franci, Teachers: John Seigel-Boettner, David Teton Landis, Kara Pertersen, Sue Carmody
RUNTIME: 00:31:00