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One Bathtub - Three Brothers - Many Splashes! Three brothers try to dive back into their childhood by reenacting an old family picture. Three brothers in a bathtub. It would actually sound normal, if they weren't way over thirty. Responsible for this is the youngest brother Niklas, who had the idea to re-enact an old picture from their childhood for a present. On the evening before their mom’s birthday party he is arguing with his older brother Georg, who thinks the idea is just stupid. The argument develops into a fight which shows how much time has passed since the old photo. Filmed as an one-take from the perspective of the photo camera.

DIRECTOR: Tim Ellrich
PRODUCER: Tim Ellrich, Dominik Huber, Leopold Pape
WRITER: Tim Ellrich, Dominik Huber
CAST: Simon Jaritz, Rainer Wöss, Stefan Pohl
RUNTIME: 00:12:55
COUNTRIES: Germany, Austria
LANGUAGE: German (with English subtitles)