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The Shickles is a comedy about love, sex, death, and the sweetness of life. "At every moment in life you have an ice cream cone in one hand and you also have your foot in a pile of dog crap. The degree to which you enjoy the ride is where you place your focus.” This is the 'crap or cone' philosophy of life espoused by Elroy and Nanna Shickles, a couple married for 70 years and who die holding hands on their 90th birthday. In the wake of their death, their grandchildren, Jason and Margot Shickles, find themselves struggling to navigate the bitter sweet nature of love and relationships.

DIRECTOR: Donna Trousdale
PRODUCER: Lynn Elliot, Jason McHugh, Donna Trousdale
WRITER: Donna Trousdale
CAST: Zach Alden, Suziey Block, D.C. Douglas, Michael Lerner, Teresa Ganzel
RUNTIME: 1:38:00

Programmer's Note: The Shickles took home the Audience Choice Award at the Pasadena International Film Festival in mid-March.

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