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Antonio “Toto” Estares comes from Tacloban, Philippines. His mother has cancer. His late father drank and gambled away everything, leaving them penniless. Toto works at a hotel in Manila and wants to get to the U.S. to support his family. He makes one failed attempt after another to get a U.S. visa, risking friendships, his job, a lot of borrowed money, his dignity, and his heart. What he doesn’t realize is that, in a way, he’s already made it to America, for the hotel is America. TOTO is all about the power of the dream. Some call it the American Dream, but for those beyond the U.S. it’s simply “the dream”. After all, there’s a TOTO that resides in all of us.

DIRECTOR: John Paul Su
PRODUCERS: John Paul Su, Rey Cuerdo, Donald Martin
WRITERS: Screenplay by Donald Martin and John Paul Su, Story by Donald Martin & Francisco Castelo and Senedy Que
CAST: Sid Lucero, Thou Reyes, Blake Boyd, Mara Lopez, Liza Dino
RUNTIME: 1:55:00
COUNTRY: Philippines
LANGUAGE: Filipino (with English subtitles)



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